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Question asked by kellyc8 on Aug 24, 2016
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Dear ESRI Team, 

I am trying to set up and implement the Crowdsource app for public use at a botanic garden. A few changes would be greatly appreciated for use on small scale areas. I have not read all the previous suggestions and questions to know if these have been mentioned before. 

1. When adding points, there should be an ability to place points and not solely rely on gps location. From what I have tested out, adding a point is only accurate to the street address, but for small scale areas, we would like to see which area of the property a picture came from. This would also help if guests want to submit photos after their visit.

2. The ability within the app to add a basemap layer or polygon layers to highlight the different gardens so that guests could accurately place their points. 

3. After a photo is submitted for review, it would be useful for the reviewer to add a comment to the submitted photo before accepting. For example, if a guest submits the photo of a flower, the institution can identify and add the plant name to the post. I understand that there may be legal or logistic problems with this request, but it is an idea. 

4. Lastly, the ability to customize the prompts of the submit page and/or add an auto-filled "date submitted" to the post. 


Thank you