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Image Service Popups for Thematic Rasters

Question asked by gmbacon on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by twnawrocki_uaa_geomatics

I've published an image service for a land cover raster (8-bit, 1-band .img file) that uses the attribute table raster function to provide access to the land cover class names and the symbology I want.


The identify tool in ArcMap reports the land cover class as well as the pixel value, but I cannot get ArcGIS Online popups to report the pixel values. The legend shows the land cover class names and the colors are correct, but clicking the raster in the map returns a temporary popup saying "No information available." Other image services, LiDAR and aerial photos, do not have this problem. What am I missing for thematic raster image service? Any assistance is appreciated.


 Land cover image service in ArcGIS Online


Land cover image service in ArcMap