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Custom Symbology in Portal

Question asked by muneer.majid on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by muneer.majid

I have a .styles file that I have been using in ArcGIS Desktop that now needs to go up as a default category to my organizations Portal for ArcGIS. I wasn't sure if there was a standard way described to do this, but I would like for my custom symbols to show up as part of this list below - 



I did find the below article useful, kind of, but it loses track when I am trying to publish the symbols as a new item to my portal and I realize that the type 'symbol-set' isn't available at all. 


How To: Configure Portal for ArcGIS with custom symbology 


All I could manage to do was publish the .png corresponding to one of my symbols as an Image File. 


I do find a lot of results of the type 'Style' on AGOL but cant really figure out how would i publish something similar and then eventually add it into my default list of symbols.


Any suggestions or help will really be appreciated, thanks !!!