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Versioned views versus SQL views with a spatial column

Question asked by skustron on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by andrescastillo08

With the demise of the SDE command line my fallback is to create SQL views on the business table that include the spatial geometry column and my own unique row identifier.  This is functional for us except where my data is registered WITHOUT the option to move edits to base (e.g. in a feature dataset with a topology defined).  On these feature classes, any edits do not get pushed to the views until after a compress.  How do I create views that are version-aware, such that versioned edits are reflected in the views immediately? I've looked at the _evw views as samples but I could use a tutorial if it exists.  The Create Database View tool doesn't help, and creating a view based on a view seems like a very poor approach.



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