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Model Builder of VRP Network Analyst

Question asked by askochanczyk on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by askochanczyk

I have developed a model builder calculating an efficient routes for all my 20 units.

Each truck is visiting/watering approx. 80-85 trees every day.

I have 45 fill up stations located throughout the entire city.

The system is preventing me from assigning all those 45 sites (is crashing after reaching 770-790 records in the table) to each truck and what I have done is to manually assign 7-8 random sites to each truck. This results with routes where the start point (fill up station) is located far away from the first tree that has been assigned to the route and in the meantime there is another at least one fill up station that is located closer although this fill up station has not been assigned to this route therefore the system is ignoring it.

The idea would be to calculate all the routes, then run some sort of analysis and assign start point to each truck based on the closest location and then re-run again. I/m not even sure whether this is doable and if it is how to approach this.

If someone would have any feedback/comments that would be greatly appreciated.


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