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soepackager ignoring -l parameter?

Question asked by RandallAvis on Aug 22, 2016

We are attempting to migrate our Java application from ArcGIS 10.0 to 10.4.1. The older version has been working for years; under 10.0 we just placed the jar file in the appropriate directory in the ArcGIS domain. The jar has a number of dependencies, including several Spring jar files; all of them are stored in one directory and referenced by the -l argument to the soepackager batch file. 


I put some echo statements in the soepackager.bat file and here is the command that is being executed. 


java -jar arcgis-soepackager.jar "e:\workspace\\soe.jar" "e:..\dist" "<jdk directory>" "Name=aca_soe ... libjars=e:\...\libs\jar1.jar e:\...\libs\jar2.jar " There are around 20 jar files listed in this manner, space delimited. All of the path information is correct.


The packager shows that is loading all of the classes, says that it is ignoring MANIFEST.MF, says nothing about the jar files, then complains that it can't find one of the Spring classes, even though the containing jar was included in the command line list.


Also, if I put the soe jar in the same directory as the others and use the -p to point to all of them, I get a 'duplicate class error' on the soe jar file.


Randall Avis


PS I posted a similar question before I noticed the 'Edit' button. Hard day.  In any case, the core problem is that the SOEPackager is buggy in the 10.4.1 release. See this link for details: SOEPackager buggy in 10.4.1 Windows