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Owner's Features are NOT editable through Feature Service w/ Ownership-Based Access when ArcServer credentials are stored in ArcGIS Online Item

Question asked by mancini on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by patel1684

Feature service with Ownership-Based Access enabled properly filters records based on ownership but does does not allow editing of owner's features.


Feature Service Operations Allowed: Create, Query, Update, Delete
Operations Allowed on Features Created by Other Users: None


Editing in ArcGIS Online Web Map ...
* Features are properly filtered to draw only those "owned" (Created) by user

* Can create new features, but cannot edit them once saved.  New features properly save into Feature Class.
* Enabling Operations Allowed on Features Created by Other Users: Query shows all features in feature class.
* Enabling Operations Allowed on Features Created by Other Users: Update allows user to edit ALL features.
* Disabling Ownership-Based Access allows user to edit ALL features.


ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1 Feature Service (secured)

PostgreSQL 9.4.5 Enterprise Geodatabase (Registered with ArcServer Data Store), PostGIS 2.2 Enabled

Feature Class w/ Editor Tracking Enabled - User has Select, Insert, Update, Delete privileges

Database and Server authentication (matching usernames)
Feature Service added to ArcGIS Online with stored ArcServer credentials

ArcServer and EGDB are running on separate AWS EC2 instances. 


Also tried adding GlobalIDs and enabling Archiving on Feature Class, no change in functionality.


It's odd that the features filter properly based on the username but do not properly allow editing. 


Looking at the Feature Class's "Created_User" field... features created in ArcMap have UPPERCASE username, whereas those created through ArcGIS Online are lowercase.  Find it hard to believe that the filter would be case insensitive and the edit filter case sensitive.


Is there another requirement for the feature service to properly identify the user's editable features?


Have I missing something about how the features need to be created? 


Has anyone else had issues editing with ownership-based access?  Any help would be appreciated.