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Unexpected behavior from TiledMapService - not cycling through tile servers as expected

Question asked by AlexThomas on Aug 22, 2016

map tile service

The tileServers specified in the ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer are not cycled through enough.  This is the function I was debugging while looking at the init.js.

getTileUrl: function(a, b, c) {
var d = this.tileServers
, f = this._getToken()
, r = this._url.query; 
a = (d ? d[b % d.length] ...... }


This is great if your map is really "tall" with lots of rows, but if you have a wide map that stretches across multiple screens, then your potentially long list of available tile servers is sitting there unused.


I have about 9 tileservers available, but they aren't all being used equally.


Can this method be updated to randomize the tileServer selection process better?