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Questions about LAS 1.4 support and las data not displaying

Question asked by jfprieur on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by jscrivani

Hello, having a few issues with some lidar data we recently acquired, it is in LAS format 1.4 with Point Record Format 6. I have difficulty displaying individual LAS strips in ArcMap. There are approximately 30 las strips in our study region. When I use lastools lasmerge and create one big individual LAS, I can create a LAS dataset (which finds the projection information properly in the LAS header) and display it eg. the points are drawn on the display when I zoom in and I can visualize the data.

When I create a LAS dataset from a single strip, the process seems to work (the projection and statistics are found as abobe), a LAS dataset is created and the red bounding box shows up. No points are drawn however when I zoom in, even if the percentage of points displayed value in the Table of Contents is NOT 0 eg. It can say 54,8 percent for example but I see no points drawn on the screen.


Any tips? When I use the CheckLAS tool ( the only error I get is ERROR: Point record format 6 of version 1.4 is not supported


What I find strange is that everything work fine when I amalgamate the 30 las files into one, perhaps lasmerge is fixing something in the process.


Does ArcMap 10.3.1 fully support LAS 1.4 format or am I better off downgrading to 1.2. This would be unfortunate because this is a new sensor that gives us 16 bit intensity values, which I would lose in 1.2.