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Appropriate Specs for a new ArcSDE Server

Question asked by PrillLake on Aug 23, 2016
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We are planning to replace our ArcSDE Server instance (VM server) with another, and wondering what system-specs are recommended.  Our current server has 4.00 GB RAM and a single 2.0 GHz Processor.   Is this sufficient?  


From my understanding once the geodatabase is setup on the RDBMS, the SDE server is more of a background process for license validation, etc, and not directly involved with Client::Server traffic.  Is this correct?


We are currently experiencing latency and slow performance with our 10.2.2 geodatabase in a 2012 SQL environment. Our plan is to create a new 10.4.1 GDB hosted in 2014 SQL, load the data onto the new and then abandon the old.  This will give us an opportunity to increase the specs on the SQL server, as well as align the GDB version with our Desktop version (10.4.1).


The question remains for me, what impact does the ArcSDE Server play in this scenario... Does it have potential to be a bottleneck?


Thank you