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I'm having an issue with WAB not showing changes to symbology or symbols after overriding the service. Even if I remove the layer after overriding the service WAB will not show the layer in the table of contents.

Question asked by Chet_Shuler on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Chet_Shuler

I created an app for our housing inspector to show inspection data with symbols like “Not Inspected”, “Inspected”, and “Violations”. Just simple circles and squares. The department wanted to add a symbol for followup inspections. So I added new symbol and everything working fine in Arcmap. I override the service and the description within the service shows the newly created symbology but the app did not accept the changes. I created a new map within ArcGIS and add the layer and the changes appear. So I make one more change by increase the size and changed the color of the symbol, override my service and the changes did not show up in the app once again.


Not sure what going on.