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How can I use Collector to just update data?

Question asked by mlhotz on Aug 19, 2016
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I have created my first Collector app, and it does work well....BUT....I'm wondering if I can use this app to simply update existing features, rather than add a brand new point every time.


We have a need to inspect culverts and stormwater discharge points, and this spatial data has already been collected and is currently in our geodatabase.  All we need to do is visit those points and update the database with a fresh inspection once or twice a year.


I have created an app but so far all it does is register a point and we can then update that database at that time...but we really don't need this much capability.  My question then is, "can we simply use Collector to navigate to our stormceptor points and then update those existing tables?  How does one do this using Collector?  Is there a "how 2" guide somewhere that explains how to set up and use Collector in this manner?