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Private Links for Sharing Maps/Apps in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by beaton on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by KCullen-esristaff

When I went to the Esri UC in June (2016), I went to a discussion group for Commercial Real Estate professionals. While I was in the meeting, the idea of being able to share maps and apps (ArcGIS Online) via a private link came up. Currently ArcGIS only allows you to share maps/apps via a PUBLIC link or within groups. While at the UC a rep from Esri mentioned that they are working on the ability to share PRIVATE links.


The idea is that when you share your map, you would get an option to share the map via a private link. Only the people with that link can view the map. Google does this.


Why is a private link needed?

In the commercial real estate industry, we create maps for retailers, that show their locations, competitor locations, and proposed locations for the retailer. We also include things like trade areas, and other private information. Sharing these types of maps publicly does not work, because we do not want a competitor to the retailer to see them.


Right now the only solution offered by ArcGIS is to add the retailer to a group, and share the map with that private group. This is not a realistic solution. We work with hundreds of retailers, who do not have Esri accounts. We can not go and create accounts for them, just to add them to a group and share a map.


I am wondering if there has been progress made on adding the ability to share a private link? If there has been progress, when can we expect to see this added to the program?


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