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Publish Updated Form but not Schema

Question asked by matthysj on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by matthysj

I made a schema and form change to an existing survey (added a new column) and published this change.  I was expecting the typical warning that the schema will change and data will be lost, but instead I got the 'Survey will be published without affecting existing data'.  I published the survey and then investigated the results.  I noticed that the form had a new timestamp, but the feature layer did not.


When testing the form contains the new question and input, and submits successfully to the feature layer, but the new data does not have a column in the feature layer, so that data does not get captured.  

How did I get the form and feature layer out of sync?  I have experienced this issue with other surveys in the past few days, is this an issue with my management of the surveys or a known bug?

Thanks for any input.

 - Jake