Microsoft's Power BI Desktop

Discussion created by BruceLang on Aug 16, 2016

I've been playing with the free version of Power BI (PBI) for several months.  PBI added the ability to use custom "shape maps" in their July 2016 update, so I thought someone may benefit in the GIS community.


I had trouble converting shapefiles for use in PBI until someone in their forums helped me find a solution.  Here's a summary of converting maps for use in PBI:

  1. Create a shapefile
  2. Using ArcGIS's Project tool, project the shapefile to a "Geographic Coordinate System" of "WGS 1984"
  3. Use Mapshaper.Org to convert the shapefile to a TopoJSON file
    1. Be sure to select all files of the shapefile - not just the .SHP file 
  4. Add a "Shape Map" element in PBI and select your JSON file



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