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In Collector, can I attach photos to a specific field?

Question asked by veronica_rodriguezGIS on Aug 16, 2016

I've created a map for field workers to use on survey jobs with points for all the manholes they will have to survey. There is an attribute for all the information they need to collect including the photos (e.g. North-Facing Surroundings). I want to attach the photos directly to the attribute so that when the map is viewed in the office, the picture shows up with a description of "North-Facing Surroundings" and the person using the information knows what they are looking at. The surveyor would also be able to see when he hasn't completed a task for that particular manhole. See below for an example. This could also be achieved by naming the photo "MHS-102 North-Facing Surroundings" so that when it shows up in the pop-up the designer knows what they're clicking on. Right now these photos are out of context and I'd like to change that if possible. The preferred solution is simple and requires no scripts. We are not working with ArcGIS Server yet, if that information is helpful.


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