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Problem while doing applyEdits using WAB Version 2.1 in IE9

Question asked by sumitza on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by rscheitlin

It seems to be an problem with WAB Version 2.1 when using in IE9 having widgets(for eg. SmartEditor) which are doing applyEdits.

WAB 2.1 is passing a parameter “wab_dv=2.1″ to every request, so in case where applyedits are being done the request url becomes invalid due to this parameter and the operation fails.

Following is the sample request which is generated when we do applyedits (as it is post operation proxy is applied):
http://<server address>/proxy/proxy.ashx?http://<server address>/arcgis/rest/services/<ServiceName>/FeatureServer/0/applyEdits&wab_dv=2.1