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http services won't load in AGOL Web Maps, Web Scenes, and WAB apps

Question asked by brESRI on Aug 15, 2016
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Since last week I am having a strange issue in Firefox 48 and IE11.  Chrome is fine.


I have services published via Server 10.4.1 on several internal and public-facing servers.  All those servers use http, not https.


In FF or IE11, when I attempt to view an AGOL Web Map in the map viewer, my http web services will not load.  When I try to edit or view an AGOL WAB app, the http services will also not load.  If I try and view a Web Map but change the URL of the map viewer to http, then my http services load fine in any browser.


When I try to view a Web Map in map viewer or edit an AGOL WAB app in IE11, I get an IE warning asking me if unsecure content should be displayed.  If I select Yes, all my http services load into the map viewer or WAB editor.  But when I try and view my AGOL WAB app, I get no such warning/choice, and my http services will not load into the app, rendering the app useless.


Does anyone else see this?  Was AGOL or Portal code recently changed to force all viewing and editing in https?  If so, it appears that http services will not load when your map viewer or WAB editor are being used in https.


I have no idea if this new issue is effected by organizational browser security settings (GPO) or not, but it is odd to me that Chrome does not have this issue.


Thanks in advance.