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Arc Hydro River Order Problem

Question asked by bem08c on Aug 15, 2016

Hi All, 


I'm trying to create a Stream Order layer from named NHD lines and I'm running into a few problems. First off, I have done this before and it is possible. I'm running through the steps: Assign Hydro ID, Generate to/from nodes,Find next Downstream line, Assign River order.


My data set has around 66,000 lines segments and each of these steps takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 hour to run. The issue I seem to be having is with the "Find next Downstream" step. Each time I attempt to run this it assigns a portion of my dataset a "-1" value. I undestand that-1 is assigned when there is no downstream feature but it is assigning this vale to feature that clearly have a downstream feature. Also, I have run this step multiple times and each time it gives a -1 value to a different number of features. 


Any idea why this is happening? I tried running this entire process outside of ArcMap in python but i'm getting the same results. I just deleted and reinstalled ArcHydro to make sure I was using the correct version for 10.3. Just to note, after reinstalling ArcHydro I noticed that when clicking the help button on the ArcHydro toolbar the help page contains the line "Welcome to Arc Hydro Arc Hydro for ArcGIS 10.2",  are other people seeing this or am I somehow installing the wrong version.