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How to get one single entry message and one single exit message once a ship enters in a geofence area

Question asked by jyiesri-ca-esridist Employee on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by jyiesri-ca-esridist

Currently we are working  with GeoEvent Processor 10.3.1 (no patches installed) and want to receive one single enter message when a ship enters into a genfencing area, and one single exit message when a ship exits a geofencing area. 

To receive the single enter message, we use the following geoevent service. This won't work until we add a filter with condition GeoTags != null after GeoTagger AtlanticGeotagger. So, ENTER ANY works as expected --- Only one enter message is received once a ship enters into a geofence area. 

We are trying to make EXIT ANY work in a similar way. However, it seems that EXIT ANY has never worked as expected. I have studies the related problems in GeoNET, like We are sure the TRACK_ID is there in GeoEvent Definition (otherwise, ENTER ANY won't work either!), and the "First GeoEvent triggers Enter" is set to false. 



My question is: Without using Incident Detector Processor, is there a way to make EXIT ANY work in a way similar to the above settings?