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WAB 2.1 Add Data Widget Quirks

Question asked by dcoley on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by dcoley

Hi -  In exploring how to best work with the Add Data widget, I've noticed 2 issues:

Labels: for a feaure service, webmap confgured labels do not seem to load when added.  For example I have a zoning layer in a planning data wab that has labels configured.  The labels do not come over as part of the service when I add to another wab.


Popups: for an image service, the configured popup does not display, only the REST folder/servicename is shown in the popup.  For example, I have a high-resolution local DEM with configured and enabled popup, but it will not display either the

{Raster.ServicePixelValue} or {Raster.ServicePixelValue.Raw} values.


I'm guessing these are issues that would have to be resolved in the next release, just wondering if anyone else has encountered them.