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Python ArcGIS 10.4 breakpoints do not work in IDE

Question asked by deleted-user-dZnlqqpQ3bzV on Aug 12, 2016
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I started migrating Python code from ArcGIS 10.1 to ArcGIS 10.4. To my bewilderment my IDE does not properly react on breakpoints. Has anyone had the same experience and maybe a solution to this problem?


The very simple code below shows the problem. I tested it in PyScripter 2.6 and Visual Studio 2015 with Python Tools for Visual Studio. In ArcGIS 10.1 it breaks perfectly, in ArcGIS 10.4 it doesn't.


import arcpy

ws = "D:/GIS/Geomilieu/Data2015"

arcpy.env.workspace = ws

outGDB = arcpy.CreateFileGDB_management(ws, "Output.gdb")

lstFC = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()

print "This line reacts on breakpoint properly"

arcpy.FeatureClassToGeodatabase_conversion(lstFC, outGDB)

print "This line does not react on breakpoint anymore in ArcGIS 10.4"


The problem seems to concentrate on the FeatureClassToGeodatabase tool.

When I replace that with a loop and use the CopyFeatures tool the last line does properly break.


Any help or any sign that more people suffer this problem appreciated.

Kind regards,


Rienco Groenewold