Batch styles

Discussion created by spk578 on Dec 9, 2010

I have come across an issue I think may be fixed by using model builder, however I seem to be reaching a very high wall everytime I make any progress with this!

I have >100 shapefile (also stored as a Geodatabase) with an attribute table associated that contains numbers from 1-20, which represent a colour in a style I have created in Arc. This is the same for both lines and polygons. Now, is it possible to make a model or batch the process where I can tell Arc that a number in the colour column of the attribute table corresponds wth an item in my style, to add colour/style accordingly within either ArcMap or Catalog?

This will be way quicker than picking each layer file and changing symbology manually within ArcMap.

I have seen the tool in Arc that require one to make a layer and convert that...but I don't really understand it or how to use it.