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Instagram Layer on Public Info Map App

Question asked by sch7712 on Aug 11, 2016
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I was working with the Esri Public Information app on my dev machine. I could not get the Instagram Layer to work as I kept getting an error that read (Instagram::400 - Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid.) on the Chrome dev tools.


I downloaded the app on GitHub (Link Below) and got it running with a web map I created on ArcGIS Online. I registered my app with Instagram and got a new Client ID and entered in in the "instagram_key" section of the "default.js" file. Still no luck.


Link to App on GitHub: GitHub - Esri/public-information-map-template-js: An ArcGIS Online mapping template to showcase social media on a map fo…)


I will continue looking into this and update if I find anything.