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Trying to revise the placement of numbers and letters in a field

Question asked by james_schoolar on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by gnewburyiv

I am new at Python. I have a dbf table with a text field.  Some of the records contain one or two digit numbers at the beginning followed by a string various capital letters which may then be followed by one or two digit numbers and another string of capital letters. Example: 12NESW3SESE. This is just one example of many combinations of numbers and letters. I need to change the order of the records so that the initial one or two digit number follows, rather than precedes, the letters until it gets to the second instance of a one or two digit number. Likewise, the second instance of one or two digit numbers needs to be moved to the end of the second sequence of capital letters. Also, in all cases a semicolon needs to precede the one or two digit number and a comma after the first set of one or two digit numbers and before the second set of capital letters. Hence, the example should be revised to NESW;12,SESE;3