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Is it possible to permanently disable tiled mapping capability when publishing hosted service?

Question asked by EDMInt on Aug 8, 2016

We have a hosted, 5-user ArcGIS Online account, which we use for vector feature services and simple web maps. Since it is a small account, we have a relatively small amount service credits. Today, I had a new user accidentally publish a service with "Tiled Mapping" enabled...which used up 75% of our yearly credits in one fell swoop.


This is definitely user error. But what I don't get is why on earth is "tiled mapping" defaulted to 'on', and Feature Access is default to off?


Are people really publishing tiles straight to ArcGIS Online? I absolutely never want to do this, in fact I want to find a way to default to the opposite: Feature Access to true and Tiled Mapping to false. I imagine my organization is not the first to make this mistake, which yes, is our fault, but could be mitigated with different defaults.


Anyone know of a way to toggle these default settings when publishing services?