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Exports from layout view are huge despite changing settings

Question asked by lkahler on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by dbarnes-esristaff

When I export any file type from arcmap in layout view, it creates an enormous (spatially) file when I open it in AI and try to edit. If I export the same map from data view, I can open it in AI and it is appropriately sized. Exports from both views seem to have appropriate file sizes - 699KB for the export from data view, 2,979KB from layout view (both JPEGs) and 207,649KB for the PDF. Here's where I think the problem is:  when exporting between data and layout views, I am unable to change the number of pixels for width and height. The dimensions for the exported JPEG from layout view is 2245 x 3179 pixels, but from data view it defaults to 1033 x 792. Maybe there's good reason for the difference and it's not the problem, but it seems like an obvious place to start to me. How can I change the size so that it ouputs a regular page size from layout view? It won't let me change the width or height in export.  It also doesn't help me figure out why it's exporting PDF' as massive files either.


I have tested this with maps that just have a basemap from ESRI, or just a shapefile from other sources, and it consistently creates huge files in layout view but not in data view.