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Converting Degrees Minutes to LatLong in GeoEvent Field Calculator

Question asked by jpsphar1 on Aug 3, 2016


We have some data coming in from a device in the following format (Degrees Minutes) and want to convert it to latitude and longitude (both are double fields).


latitude 4201.19196 - this is one field in the GeoEvent Definition

longitude 08755.31946 - this is the long field in the GeoEvent Definition


Since I am unable to control how the device will push the data into geoevent I wanted to implemented a simple Field Calculator Processor to convert the data before it reaches it's final destination. I have looked at some of the java script files online and even had a developer try to help me with the code to do the parsing but I didn't have any success. Seeing as how ArcMap has the geometry calculations to this kind stuff behind the scenes I was hoping to that GeoEvent had similar functionality but it doesn't look like it does and relies on you to write the java code expression. Any ideas on what this code would be? Does it exist in any help documents? It doesn't have to be exact but some direction would be much appreciated.


Thanks, Jason