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Extract Metadata from Video not working

Question asked by strainryan on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by strainryan

I have an .mp4 video collected from a GoPro 4 Silver attached to 3DR Solo. I run the "Extract Metadata from Video" geoprocessing tool and it succeeds, although it never creates any metadata items. I need a viable input metadata file to be able to run the "Video Multiplexer" tool. Why am I not able to extract metadata from my .mp4? Is there some way that the .mp4 needs to be collected for the extract metadata tool to create items?


Also the "Video Multiplexer" tool help mentions- "A template file called Video_Multiplexer_MISB_Field_Mapping_Template.csv is included with installation software" . My installation didn't include that file. A google search finds nothing on that file. I was wondering if I could use such a template to create my own metadata manually to run the multiplexer?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.