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Open different widgets in different panels

Question asked by mailman1979 on Aug 3, 2016

Hi All,


I'm using the webAppBuilder and a custom version of the Dart Theme and I have one of my widgets opening on startup, though I would like this to be opened in a ModalPanel.


And my other widgets I would like to open 2 in a panel at the bottom of the screen and then another 2 simultaneously on a right hand side panel. So in effect I need 3 different panels with inner widgets.


I know what I want to achieve if I was doing a normal website but  trying to replicate this on the arcgis system is a bit cumbersome (I'm a newbie to arcgis and trying to run before I can walk - due to time constraints). Does anyone happen to know how to achieve this (also if there is some documentation you can point me in) that would be great (also I've gone through all the documentation that comes with the system).


Any help / pointers are gratefully appreciated.