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World Population Densities

Question asked by tom_t_lee on Aug 3, 2016

There is a dataset published by Esri called the World Population Estimated Density 2015 ( It says it gives the number of persons per square kilometers, but what it actually identifies is classified values as follows: 2: most rural, 3: settled rural, 4: light urban, 5: urban, 6: most dense 10%, 7:most dense 2%. Anyone know what the classes represent in terms of people per square kilometer, or if there is another dataset that would work? I'm trying to determine the population densities for specific countries in South America, using specific population density classes.I've tried the Gridded Population of the World dataset from NASA SEDAC but that seems to be low (


Also, the description of  Esri's World Population Estimated Density 2015 could do with updating to reflect this information.