Tutorial for Full Motion Video is available for download!

Discussion created by JLiedtke-esristaff Employee on Aug 2, 2016
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There was a lot of interest in the Esri FMV Add-in during the recent Esri UC2016 conference and with the release of the FMV 1.3.2 Add-In for Desktop 10.3.x, 10.4.x and 10.5, this interest has only escalated. 


Esri has posted a tutorial online that provides a series of exercises, supporting documentation and sample data to help orient users about FMV functionality. 


The topics in the tutorial are geared towards operational workflows and cover the DVR controls in the FMV Video Player, creating and managing bookmarks, capturing video frames, mapping features in both the video layer and map, searching a video archive for specific clips covering a specific location, feature or timeframe, creating a report, and multiplexing or combining video and metadata in separate files into one MISB-compliant video file.


The training exercise document is available here, while the entire tutorial is available here.