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Enterprise (ArcGIS?) Geodatabase  on Azure SQL

Question asked by jeffgarland on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by integrashare_dimensions

Trying to get some clarification.  Can you have an enterprise geodatabase on an Azure SQL DB.  (Note this is not a SQL Server instance running on an Azure VM (IaaS), but MS Azure SQL (PaaSP.)   This documentation seems to indicate the answer is "no".   (See first bullet under the header "Database requirements\limitations". I assume "ArcGIS Geodatabase" translates to Enterprise Geodatabase.)  This documentation seems to indicate "yes".  Note the text in the gray box, "...These 10.4.1 geodatabases are in a beta state, and are for use only with your GIS server or web GIS deployment on Azure.

What does the latter part mean?  Can I edit the feature classes in an EGDB on Azure SQL with Desktop?  Is versioning supported?  Are roles supported?  Or is it just a "managed database" for ArcGIS Server.  Any clarification from an Esri product member would be greatly appreciated.