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Insert multi-line metadata item description using python

Question asked by nakatas on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by bizna

I am trying to update ESRI Metadata (i.e. what is viewed as the Item Description), and am specifically trying to update the "Description" with a multi-line entry.  (Please see the attached example, which was created manually.)


My generalized workflow has been to

1) Export Metadata (to FGDC style) from a file geodatabase feature class/shapefile

2) Update the XML as needed

3) Import Metadata back to the feature class/shapefile.


(I can edit the xml successfully and import it back to the feature class fine.  This would work well if I didn't care about line breaks...)


So far I've tried:

- using \n and \t markers

- using <br> marker

- styling as <![CDATA[This is description line 1

                                     This is description line 2.]]> ...this preserves the line break in the XML, but not doesn't translate as desired in ESRI Metadata.


Has anyone accomplished this successfully?


Thanks you.