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Updating multiple feature services on AGOL using Python

Question asked by mwawryk on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by mwawryk

I have a python script that was adapted from update-hosted-feature-service/ at master · arcpy/update-hosted-feature-service · GitHub  that uses an oracle table instead of the ini file to loop through AGOL updates. The table has the AGOL name, the mxd name, tags etc.that is updates but. It works fine when there are no spaces on the AGOL side but fails in the def publish(self) section on line 230  when there are spaces in AGOL.   So for example if I have Bike Racks as BikeRacks on AGOL, it will run. I am pretty sure it is a simple error but I can seem to see it.    

Line 230: return jsonResponse['services'][0]['serviceItemId']




KeyError: 'services'




Oracle table: