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Data Uploaded, Edited and Exported from AGOL is Reprojected (incorrectly)

Question asked by meyer_ovrdc on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by LiseTremblay_charlotte

We used Collector to digitize sidewalks in the field. The lines were drawn on the map using the editing tools - meaning the GPS location was not used. The original data (File Geodatabase) was in NAD 83 Ohio SP South (ESRI:102723) when uploaded. On the AGOL map, the sidewalk lines line up with the imagery. However, when exported as a FGDB, downloaded and opened in ArcMap and viewed with 1ft ortho imagery, the data is incorrect. It looks as though it has been reprojected. The screenshot below shows the AGOL data - BLUE - direct from the AGOL Feature Server service and the exported data - YELLOW - (exported from AGOL) on a Leaflet map, using the ESRI imagery basemap layer, the same imagery that is used the AGOL maps.


Also, if I export the data from AGOL as geojson, I get again different results. Currently it is unclear how I can get my data out of AGOL without drastically impacting its spatial accuracy. Maybe I can reproject it in ArcMap, or change the projection?


Any idea what is going on here?