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Error code: -2147467259 While unpacking files?

Question asked by 15124193 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by mariaculman18

I am trying to install ArcGIS Student Edition 10.3.1 on my laptop. I run Windows 10. I have activated my authorization number online. Now I have followed the instructions on the pamphlet in which I got the DVD. The instruction is to run Esri.exe on the DVD to launch the setup menu.


However on the DVD there is a lot of files but now file named Esri.exe. The only one that looks as if it should work is the file named: ArcGIS_Desktop_1031_145699. I lunched this file and it took me to a menu that want me to choose a folder to unpack my files. It automatically chose a folder on my C drive and started unpacking the files. However after a few seconds that the green bar has progressed it gives me an error saying the following: An unexpected error occurred while unpacking files(s). Error code: -2147467259.


Can anyone please help.