Zonal Statistics Failure in ArcGIS 9.3.1

Discussion created by bsaunders on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by curtvprice
There seem to be a number of posts all around this problem, without a definite resolution.  I encountered the following today when attempting to run ZonalStats from the SA toolbar:

ERROR 010067:  Error in executing grid expression.  Zonal statistics program failed.

I have made sure that my output table and working directory paths have no spaces in them.
I have made sure that my zone dataset and value grid are less than 13 characters.

What's more, we also have a version of ArcGIS 8 on a different workstation.  I copied the zone layer and value grid over to that workstation and the process runs perfectly.

Is there some administrative setting that may be affecting the way this SA tool works (or doesn't)
in ArcGIS 9?

-Bill Saunders