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ArcGIS Pro 'map surrounds' not in insert tab

Question asked by robertcave on Aug 1, 2016
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I am a complete beginner with ArcGIS and what I want to do is really quite simple - plotting 1 set of points on to a map, add a scale bar and North arrow and put it in a document. I can do this in minutes on Google Maps but needed something more professional looking but I seem to be battling with the most simple of things on ArcGis! I have a base map and I added the data points using the XY option. This is the desktop version


I am trying to add a scale bar. Apparently, I should go to the insert tab and a 'map surrounds' option should lead me to adding a scale bar. Though I can't find this. This is all I have:


I have seen pictures of other ArcGIS tabs and there is the option I need on there. Just wondering why it isn't on mine or if I'm supposed to be looking elsewhere? This is on the free trial if that makes any difference. Though there was no mention of any features being unavailable.


If anyone can help it is much appreciated!

Many thanks