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Hi, I would like to ask if can I send my data (features) from 'Collector for ArcGIS' to 'ArcGIS for Desktop?

Question asked by NikitaGroom on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by MLeavitt-esristaff

I tried sending the data by connecting my device (which is installed with Collector for ArcGIS) to the computer (which is installed with ArcGIS for Desktop [Arc Maps]). But the data does not show in ArcGIS for Desktop. Do I have to process this data first? Or I am unable to send it to ArcGIS for Desktop? I want to edit the data and update into maps using ArcGIS for Desktop. How can I send this data or process it? I would love your help, I have received much help from Esri, I trust I will get help from this one too.