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Cascade story map gone from App Builder

Question asked by KatyAppletonUEA on Aug 1, 2016
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I have been happily creating a Cascade story map last week and all afternoon today. I just closed the App Builder to work on the map itself, came back to the App Builder via My Content > Item Details > Configure App  and after the loading cursor of yellow circles goes away, I have a totally blank window. Nothing to edit - no media, immersive sections, text, nothing. I have tried clicking Edit while viewing the App - same result.


I can view the Story Map - why can't I edit it? Where do I even start with troubleshooting this? I have closed and reopened my browser (Chrome). I was able to close it over the weekend and begin again today with no problem.


I am hoping that because I can still view it, my 2 days of work is not gone altogether...  Help?