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Using Export Tile Cache Task in QT\QML

Question asked by tanerkoka on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by LDanzinger-esristaff


I m using RuntimeQtSamples/main.qml at master · ldanzinger/RuntimeQtSamples · GitHub  codes example to export tpk from service but when I click export button after give the Min LOD and Max LOD parameters exporting succeeded  export complated but I can not see tpk layer on the map and there is no any error. Here is my console output and after exporting tpk file picture :

Console Output:


Starting C:\Users\tkoka\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Apps\build-ExportTiles-Desktop_Qt_5_4_2_MSVC2013_64bit-Release\release\ExportTiles.exe...

Initializing application

ArcGIS.Runtime.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISRuntimePlugin::registerTypes(const char *) ArcGIS.Runtime

ArcGIS.Runtime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::registerTypes(const char *) ArcGIS.Runtime

int __cdecl main(int,char *[]) ApplicationWindow_QMLTYPE_53_QML_56(0x38c4e90)

qml: fetching map service info

qml: Service info received

qml: Estimating size...

qml: Executing

qml: Succeeded

qml: Estimated size : 957.640625 kb

qml: Export in Progress...

qml: Submitted

qml: Executing

qml: Executing

qml: Succeeded

qml: export complete!


After exporting tpk file :



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