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Am I missing something re selectable layers?

Question asked by 77marybeth0 on Jul 29, 2016
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Heyo--I'm pretty new to ArcGIS and am just getting the hang of how to navigate ArcMap. A map I'd like to print is a little busy, so I want to narrow the visible features down. I know that I need to select particular attributes.

Apparently I should be seeing the blue or grey icons to indicate whether the layer is selectable. There are no such icons under the TOC "List by Selection" list. I used esri's help system to figure out that I needed to add the "set selectable layers" command to my "Selection" dropdown. It is there now, but greyed out! What am I missing? I downloaded the layer of interest from ArcGIS Online. Could this be why? I saved it to my local drive to make sure it wasn't a read-write issue and still nothing. Could this be a security settings issue?  Any help is much aprpeciated. Thanks!!