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Best practice to automate a small but frequent (every five minutes) tile set update on Arcgis Online

Question asked by ibriefer on Jul 28, 2016

I have a few feature services on AGOL that we refresh every five minutes.  The data for them is processed on an arcgis engine machine then (using a python script from ESRI's GitHub) updated in place on our ArcGis Online account.   This has been working very well for the data that we publish this way.  The service Ids remain the same and so the iPad and web apps pointing to this data just continue to work seamlessly. 


For a few sets of data tiling them makes for a much better map experience (radar for example).   Previously I had sets of tiles that were produced every 56 days and so manually doing this wasn't an issue. 


I now have a few sets of data that need to be updated every 5 minutes 24x7x365 so doing it manually is not an option.


I have asked this question in many places over the last week and received no responses so I'm trying here.  Before the bosses start thinking buying into this wasn't a great idea.  On another machine we have a set of imagery being stitched together, warped, and tiled using GDAL in a rotating folder scheme (so tiles are never unavailable and we have the last hour of tile sets to animate if desired) serving tiles in a similar way and that's free.  So there just has to be a way to take a shape file in, load it as i am in SDE (I share these as feature services already so we can query against the data), and share it through AGOL.  I'd like to tile on the engine machine so that I can transfer the tpk to AGOL (tiling every 5 mins on AGOL would be credits galore I think).


Any advice?  And pointers to something similar in python?  When I update a service created to allow both mapping and feature access the update only updates the features.  The tiles need replacing and that's where I'm stuck.  Updating the tiles each time the feature set is updated (without causing client maps to go blank for a while. )