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Cannot download basemaps from ArcGIS Server.

Question asked by ZJArcgisUsername on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by ZJArcgisUsername
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Thanks a lot!

Now I'm clear that both feature service and .geodatabase file are necessary for identifing buildings on the map.

About downloading basemap from the map publiched on  my own ArcGIS server, I made a simple app to test the downloading basemap function. But I always receive the exception info like this : " W/System.err: Error performing submit job operation for EstimateExportTilesSize on Export Cache     W/System.err: Error performing submit job operation for Export Tiles on Export Cache ".

The workflow of my test app referenced to the "ExportTileCacheTask" sample in the arcgis-runtime-samples-android-release-10.2.8.  Now there is no feature service on my server, but I think it has no effect on exportting tiles. Do you know the possible reason for the error?

Thank you again!