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ArcGIS Online vs Portal

Question asked by syvertson on Jul 27, 2016
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I have been using Web AppBuilder for almost a year now in Portal.  In the last few days, I went into our ArcGIS online account and decided to use Web AppBuilder there.  I noticed immediately that it was different, so I assumed the reason to be that I had not yet installed 10.4.1.  Yesterday I did that, and now my portal and server are on the latest version, and yet there are still quite a few differences.  Is the ArcGIS Portal Web AppBuilder version just behind the ArcGIS Online version?  Or have I not installed something that I should?  Here are a few screen shots, to show some of the differences...


In each pair of images, the first is from my portal and the second is from ArcGIS Online.  Note in the first pair that there is a "Zoom scale" function when configuring the "My Location" widget."  In the second pair of images note the much larger number of widgets available.  There are many other subtle differences, but you get the idea.  Portal version is behind the ArcGIS Online version.


Thanks for any information you can provide.