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Can I nest Relevant Expressions based on answer to one or more previous select_one questions?

Question asked by NHQRedCrossGIS on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by MProctor-esristaff

Question one is a select_one type question for dwelling type with three answers (SFD, APT, MH)

Question two is also a select_one type question for damage classification with seven answers (Dest, Maj, Min, Aff, Inacc, NVD, Unk)

Question three is a select_multiple type question with pre-scripted damage descriptions. I want the correct pre-scripted list to show up in this question based on the selections to Questions one and two.

For example: If question one the selection is SFD and question two the selection is Maj then I want the correct list of pre-scripted choices (SFD + MAJ) to show up for Question three.

Is this possible?