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Iteration of Coefficients in Raster Calculator

Question asked by pbanerjee on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by pbanerjee

I have an expression in the form of:

a1*Map1 + a2*Map2 + ........+ aN*MapN

which I want to insert in the Raster Calculator. There are 100 sets of the coefficients:

set1 = {a1.1, a2.1, ......, aN.1}, .........., set100 = {a1.100, a2.100, ......, aN.100}

which are available in the form of columns in an excel file. I want to use a model builder iterator to extract each column at a time and insert them in the raster calculator, may be in the form of:

%a1%*Map1 + %a2%*Map2 + ........+ %aN%*MapN           (if it is at all right !)

and generate 100 rasters.


Any help !