Livability Study

Discussion created by cwacta00 on Jul 25, 2016
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I have few sets of layers and would like to Normalize,
Combine in order to Validate livability in my city.


The layers include: crime, police precinct, neighborhoods, Parks and census block with population data .

1. I would like to evaluates the amount of parks in each


2. I want to evaluate the amount of crime in each neighborhood


3. lastly , Each of these factors will be weighted and/or normalized, and then a final, overall score  calculated by combining these



1. How do I generate a weighted crime score, normalized by area? what tools to use?

2. how to calculate the total area of park in each neighborhood, and normalize by the total population in that neighborhood, to
calculate the area of park per person (PPP)?


what tool help  “add summary of intersecting features” ?



I have started this by First, using the field calculator to create a new column with the park area (in sqft).

From here, I am unsure how to continue.



Any tutorial will be great.

Thank you in advance