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Link frames across Layouts?

Question asked by heboma_dev on Jul 25, 2016
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I'm using ArcGIS pro in order to create exportable PDFs using Layout for my previous problem Quantiles in areas within a layer? which I finally managed to execute. (thanks Dan Patterson)

So I created 2 Layouts. one for "cows" and the other for "barns" in order to avoid changing the titles back and forth.

The tricky part gets when I need to change the viewable layer and hence the map title 300 times (I need to produce 2 maps per polygon area. 150 areas x 2 maps =300!)


One layer represents "cows" and the other "barns" So I have 2 Layouts, on with the title "Barns" and other with the title "Cows" and I need to link both map frames to show the same extent when exporting both maps...


I tried using Dynamic Text, but cannot assign Dynamic Text based on a layer name, only high-level or "system" data like map extent, scale, date and such.


Any ideas on how to have the same extent between mapframes across 2 different Layouts?

There's is a tool to link 2 frames, but only within the same Layout: Add and modify map frames—Layouts | ArcGIS for Desktop